Drawing for me is an activity by which I can contemplate the visual world and interpret the many perspectives from which we can view it. I work within a range of media including etching, watercolor, colored pencil, embroidery, collage, and experimental materials. My interest in minimal marks and patterns stems from the idea of reducing something to its basic elements in order to understand it better. I develop my work from delicate materials and limited elements to challenge myself to discover their visual potential and power.

I draw patterns from images of nature that range from the microscopic to the macroscopic. I am inspired by images of microscopic forms including atoms, molecules, and cellular structures. My sources for macroscopic imagery extends to the sky, the ocean, constellations, and galaxies. I am interested in the relationships between things we can see with our eyes and what we can only see aided by technology. In my drawings I layer and juxtapose images both large scale and minute to set up harmonious relationships between different structures. Finding unifying patterns within things both living and inanimate is both comforting and disconcerting. It is comforting because this knowledge shows us the beauty of the interconnection between things, but also reminds us of our temporality.

In my mixed media drawings, the imagery is built up through woodblock printed motifs, watercolor, pen, colored pencil, and sewn lines. I work on thin paper that records and responds to my drawn marks by bending, stretching, and crinkling. I use watercolor to hand print woodblocks, which causes the fibers of the paper to swell and buckle with the added pressure of the printed impression. Sewing by hand further adds dimension where it is seen in the front, and creates a shadow where it can be seen through the back of the paper. The interaction of many different delicate materials in my work encourages the viewer to experience a heightened sensitivity and awareness to the visible and seemingly invisible in the world.