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To Be the Void: Sublimity and Contemporaneity
International Cultural Center of Krakow Krakow, Poland
Oct. 2016

This exhibition will explore “the sublime” as a critical perspective by which the relationship between contemporaneity, presentation, and representation can be critically explored. The sublime is an experience of the present, as presence, and the mind’s effort to encapsulate, to represent, the “now”, the grand, the terrifying, the immeasurable, and so forth, as concrete experience. These notions of uncertainty and instability will serve as an impetus for representation, be it positive or negative, that the artists in this exhibition will explore. Understanding the sublime experience is unattainable. But, together, it is hoped that we will represent a small window into the “now” of contemporaneity.

Past Exhibitions:

Spatial Planes
Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum
San Antonio, TX
December 4, 2014 – February 15, 2015

Spatial Planes includes a selection of artists whose print-based work plays with the visual and conceptual representation of space. In addition to the abstract and often geometric imagery activating multiple planes and pulling the viewer into contemplative space, the works are new statements on perception, an ongoing discourse of artists and theorists. Participating artist include Valerie Arber, Jeff Dell, Haylee Ebersole, Angela Fox, Yuko Fukuzumi, Mari LaCure, Monika Meler, Gary Nichols, Elvia Perrin, Samantha Parker Salazar, and Kate Shephard.

The artist's representation of dimensional space has evolved over centuries and styles, shifting from accurate representation of the physical world, to abstracting it, to conceptualizing it. A question we present in this exhibition is how does function inform our emotional and psychological perceptions? How do our abstract ideas, emotions, and desires affect perception? Might they inform not only how we see, but permeate and transform the physical world?

Two Person Exhibition: Mari LaCure and Matt Murphy
Gallery 5, Emmanuel College, Boston
September 28th, 2014 - October 25th, 2014

The work of Mari LaCure and Matt Murphy involves compositions that are inspired by or resemble constellations. Astrometry is a branch of astronomy that plots precise measurements of the positions and movements of the stars. Matt Murphy uses precise plotting and measuring to create constructions of shaped panels, canvas, and wire grouped in specific relationships. Mari LaCure directly references images of constellations and galaxies, and creates drawings and etchings made up of minimal marks and patterns. Matt's constructions range in size from 40" to 110", and walk the line between object and painting. Mari's work is much more subtle and smaller in scale, inviting the viewer to look closely. This show seeks to explore the contrast between two different expressions of similar ideas.

An international juried exhibition exploring outer space
Minnesota Center for Book Arts
Minneapolis, MN
January 25 - May 5, 2013


New Woodcuts:

Points of Expansion : 11"x14"

Ocean Currents : 18"x24"